Getting to Know the Gospel of Mark

Getting to Know the Gospel of Mark

This week OBC's Men's Ministry is beginning the Gospel of Mark in our Men’s Bible Reading Groups. For more about this, you can review this blog post. Pray with us that the Lord would bless our fellowship in the Word over these next few months.

Below you will find our reading schedule and some additional resources that will serve you well as you begin to read and study the Gospel of Mark. Even if you’re not in a group, these resources may prove helpful to you.


Week 1: Overview
Week 2: Introduction (1:1-20)
Week 3: Jesus’ Early Galilean Ministry (1:21-3:12)
Week 4: Jesus’ Later Galilean Ministry (3:13-6:6)

Week 5: Jesus’ Work beyond Galilee (6:7-8:26)
Week 6: True Discipleship and Transfiguration (8:27-9:50)
Week 7: Instruction on Discipleship (10:1-52)
Week 8: Entering and Judging Jerusalem (11:1-12:44)

Week 9: Jesus and Coming Judgment (13:1-37)
Week 10: Jesus’ Betrayal and Trial (14:1-15:15)
Week 11: Crucifixion and Resurrection (15:16-16:8)
Week 12: Summary and Conclusion

This schedule is borrowed from Dane Ortland’s Mark: A 12-Week Study (Crossway, 2013). This might be a good companion volume to your reading in Mark over the next few months. At the time of writing this, some copies are currently available on the OBC Bookshelf.


  • As we begin our groups, One to One Bible Reading by David Helm is a helpful resource that highlights reading the Bible with others and outlines introductory Bible study methods.
  • Crossway’s Knowing the Bible Series has a volume specific to the Gospel of Mark that would be a helpful study guide (Mark: A 12-Week Study by Dane C. Ortlund).
  • Here's an introduction to Mark that is excerpted from the ESV Study Bible.


Here's an introduction to the Gospel of Mark by Nicholas Piotrowski:
Here's a one-man performance of the Gospel of Mark by Max McLean:

Benjamin Purves