Commissioning Sunday

Commissioning Sunday for Ron Comoglio

In Acts 13:1–3, the church in Antioch gathered to worship the Lord. And as they worshiped, the Holy Spirit identified Barnabas and Saul for missionary service. In response, the church continued to fast and pray, and then they laid hands on the newfound missionaries and sent them out.

Ever since, faithful churches have followed a similar pattern. They have recognized men called by God preach the Word (see 1 Tim. 4:14), and they have commissioned them serve as elders locally or missionaries globally.

On Sunday, we have the chance to participate in this missionary drama too. For the last 13 years the Comoglio family have been faithful members of our church. During that time, Ron has served as an elder for nearly a decade. However, in the last year, the Lord has made it clear that he is calling Ron to a ministry of evangelism and encouragement to the public servants in Alabama.

After much prayer and counsel, Ron received a call to go with a ministry called Capitol Commission, and next month he is moving to Alabama to begin that work. As he goes, our church will be one of many that support him. In this way, we participate in the great work of recognizing ministers of the gospel and sending them out into the highways and hedges to share the message of Christ with those who need to hear the gospel.

In celebration and commemoration of this commissioning (which will officially take place in May), Brad Harbaugh, president of Capitol Commission, is coming to bring the Word. He will preach from Psalm 2 and its message that Christ rules over all the governors who rage against God.

In our day, this is a needed message. And one that fits with the ministry that Ron is being sent to fulfill, and one that we need to support as well. So as we prepare for Sunday, let us pray for our gathering and for God to raise up laborers in our church and from our nation to go and speak truth to those in power. On Sunday, that is the message we will hear, and as the Lord allows, I look forward to joining you to worship our risen and reigning Lord.

For His Glory and your joy in Christ,
Pastor David

David Schrock