Discover OBC

We invite you to get to know our church family.

If you are new to OBC, or interested in taking the next step toward church membership, we invite you to register for our next Discover OBC class. This class is a great opportunity to meet our pastors, learn about what we teach, and how we share life together in our church family.

Discover OBC is a four-week class:
     Week 1: What is the Gospel?
     Week 2: What is the Church?
     Week 3: What is Church Membership?
     Week 4: Leadership and Ministry at OBC

Discover OBC meets during the Sunday School hour in classroom 5, which is located downstairs across from the restrooms.

Our Schedule for 2023:

     Jan 8:     1. What is the Gospel?                         Register here.
     Jan 15:     2. What is the Church?                        Register here.
     Feb 12:     3. What is Church Membership?  Register here.
     Feb 19:     4. Leadership and Ministry               Register here.

     Mar 12:     1. What is the Gospel?                        Register here.
     Mar 19:     2. What is the Church?                       Register here.
     Apr 16:     3. What is Church Membership? Register here.
     Apr 23:     4. Leadership and Ministry              Register here.
Discover OBC meets during the Sunday School hour, so childcare and Sunday School classes are available for children of all ages. Important Note: If your child is interested in church membership, your child should attend this class with you.

If you miss a class and would like to make it up without waiting until the next offering, please contact Pastor Ben to setup a meeting, and he would be glad to walk through the course content with you.

Register for Discover OBC