Christ Over All Launches

Dear OBC Family,

Over the last few months, we have shared the news of a new website launching this fall. Today, Christ Over All launched. And I wanted to tell you a little about it.

For more than a year, a handful of friends, including three OBC pastors, have been praying and planning to put together a new website to serve you and the larger church of Jesus Christ.

From the start, this website has aimed to build up the church and help Christians think longer and deeper about biblical, theological, and culture matters all for the sake of the church. Yet, better than describe all of this, here are three ways to see what this site is about:

If you go the website itself, you will also find in the days to come more articles, longform audios, and podcast interviews from our team, plus dozens of contributions from other faithful pastors, theologians, and authors.

If this ministry looks like something that would help you or others you know, please share it with them. Most specifically, you can share Christ Over All in the following ways:

You can also Support the work, but please note, OBC is already supporting the work on a monthly basis.

As we launch this new website, we give thanks to God for bringing this ministry to light. We are deeply thankful for those who have helped us begin this new website--and that includes the family of believers at OBC. We would not be able to launch this ministry without you. In so many ways, this is your ministry.

With that in mind, please pray Christ Over All may the church in the near and distant future. Please check out the website and let us know what you think.

For Christ's glory and your joy in Christ

David Schrock