Preparing for Worship: Sunday, February 21, 2021

1 Peter 1:6-9

Are we going to make it? How are we going to make it? What will it take to make it? And what is ‘it,' anyways?

If you were an elect exile living in Asia Minor during the first few decades of the church, you might ask these questions? Or, if you were a Protestant living in England during the reign of Bloody Mary, you might ask them too? Today, if you are a Christian living in China, or if you are Christian living anywhere that the cultural elites are pressing against biblical truth, you might be asking this kind of question: How are we going to keep the faith and abide in joy, when the trials come?

Fortunately, Scripture is not silent on this issue. And in 1 Peter 1:6–9 we find a number of truths related to salvation, joy, faith, trials, and perseverance. Writing to a people whose faith was being tested and lives being threatened, Peter teaches us how we can have abiding joy in our salvation and hope of eternal glory. On Sunday, we will consider these truths to see what they say to us about God, his salvation, and way he purifies our faith and prepares us for glory.

As you have time, read over 1 Peter 1 again. Pray for God to use these words of truth to bolster our faith. And if you have an extra 10 minutes, take time to read this selection from Jonathan Edwards on 1 Peter 1:8. I hope to see you Sunday, as the Lord allows.

For Christ’s Glory and your joy,
Pastor David

David Schrock