An Invitation to Serve with Joy

Will you join our Family Ministry team as we love and serve our church family?

Children are a wonderful gift from the Lord (Ps 127-128), and we are thankful for how God has blessed our church family with many little ones. With this also comes the need for many helping hands in our classrooms. As Jeff Dionise reminded us in his sermon on Proverbs 4, our theme for the year is "Walking in Truth." One way to walk in truth is through love and service to our church family, which includes ministering to the littlest ones in our midst.

The Family Ministry's mission includes making disciples of the next generation and equipping parents to do the same. We invite you to join with us in this Great Commission work in our infant, toddler, and preschool-kindergarten classrooms.

As you consider this need, we’ve listed a few reasons why people sometimes choose not to serve, followed by some words of encouragement:

1. I'm not experienced with children's ministry.
Don't worry, we won't throw you in the deep end of the pool. We'll plug you in with experienced volunteers who will walk alongside you. We'll help equip and train you for the roles you fill, and you'll never be serving alone. We have a team approach to ministry in all of our classrooms.

2. My children are grown up. 
If your children are older, please don’t assume you’ve aged out of serving in children’s ministry. With age often comes wisdom and patience. And you also have the opportunity to give younger parents a break. If your children are teens, we can also use their help, and bringing them with you to serve others in Family Ministry will be good ministry training for them.

3. I’m not gifted with children.
No special "gift" is required. The only requirements are willing hands, a heart that loves people, and a short application and vetting process for all volunteers.

4. I won’t be able to attend Sunday worship.
Yes, you can:
  • Most volunteers serve once per month.
  • There is no childcare during outdoor services.
  • When we hold services indoors, there are two worship services. Serve during one, and attend the other.
  • If for some reason you’re unable to attend, the sermons are available afterward via Facebook or the OBC app (but we do not recommend consistently “replacing” in-person service with these).

5. Serving in children’s ministry doesn’t fit with my schedule for the morning.
Are you willing to set aside your ideal schedule to love and serve your church family? So often ministry isn’t convenient, but how often do we need to set down our idols of what’s ideal, and follow Christ?

We hope you will consider serving. With a rotation of ministry team members, this ministry has many opportunities to love others and impart joy to the children of our church family.

Join us Sunday 22 August for a special training session for all current and prospective children and youth volunteers.  If you have questions or would like more information about serving in general, please contact Sean Oxford.

Family Ministry