The House that Wisdom Built (Proverbs 8:1-36)


Everyone needs it. But not everyone has it. And it seems that wisdom is a commodity whose availability is growing rarer by the day.

One reason for wisdom's shortage is that it rises or falls in relationship to God. As we have seen throughout Proverbs 1–9, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. And any attempt to live without God will result in folly and futility. Even the smartest, the strongest, and most skilled are only building on sand when they deny or ignore their all-wise Creator.

Indeed, in a world where entertainers mock God, scientists ignore God, and politicians refuse to fear God, it should not surprise us when things fall apart. But even more, because God is present and active in our world, current events do not simply reflect the natural consequences of bad ideas and foolish decisions. As the all-wise Creator and perfectly just judge, God is bringing judgments on individuals and nations who refuse to honor him as God. At the same time, he is working his all-wise plans to bless his people with salvation that will last forever.

This salvation through judgment has been true in every generation since Christ took his place in glory, but in recent days man’s folly and God’s judgments has been especially evident. And the truth is, it is not simply our nation who suffering God’s judgment as a result of men and women who do not fear God. Everyone who refuses to fear God and seek wisdom in Christ is testing God’s patience and inviting God’s judgment. Nevertheless, as the earth stands and the sun rises, God continues to offer mercy and wisdom to all who seek Christ.

And this Sunday, such wisdom and salvation is exactly what we will find in Proverbs 8. While many have criss-crossed Proverbs 8 to debate the eternal nature of God’s Son, we will find that Proverbs 8 is not the place to find a proof-text for Christ’s divinity. Instead, this passage invites us on a path to see how the whole cosmos is filled with wisdom, which in turn leads us to Christ.

In other words, there is a way forward from Proverbs 8 to the Son of God, but we must read Proverbs 8 wisely, lest we fall into error, like the Arians who concluded from Proverbs 8:22 that Christ was a created being. So, like I said, in our search for wisdom, we need wisdom. And thankfully as the Spirit leads us, we will find life-giving wisdom as we listen carefully to Proverbs 8.

So, turn off your phones this weekend and turn to Proverbs 8. Take time to consider what true wisdom is and where we can find it. Pray for God to open our eyes to see his light, because indeed, it is by his light that we will walk in the light—no matter how dark it is or may get.

For His Glory and your joy,
Pastor David
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David Schrock