Preach Hebrews the Next Time You Don’t Have a Preacher, Plus a Post-Script on Answered Prayer
by David Schrock on February 10th, 2022
What will you do when you cannot preach? Oh, I am not talking about planning for an upcoming Sunday when I, as your pastor, will be absent, or when multiple teaching elders are unavailable. I am talking about when it becomes apparent 10 hours or 10 minutes before Sunday morning that the man called to preach simply cannot do it.In such a situation, we have a few options. We could call on someone to...  Read More
Seeing Is Believing: Returning to John's Gospel
by David Schrock on February 2nd, 2022
In the Spring of 2020, we began a new sermon series on the Gospel of John. Little did we know that things would get really weird in March of that year, when the onslaught of Covid-19 led us to stop gathering for eight weeks. During that time and after, we looked at Psalm 90–106 and Joel. Thereafter, we studied Daniel, 1 Peter, and Proverbs 1–9, to name a few. Yet, it has always been the hope to re...  Read More
From Death to Life: How Joshua Gives Us Resurrection Hope in the Midst of Loss
by David Schrock on January 1st, 2022
Moses was dead to begin with.— Joshua 1:1 —Marley was dead to begin with.— Charles Dickens — When Charles Dickens wrote the opening line to A Christmas Carol, he touched off one of the most wonderful Christmas stories ever told. Marley, the miserly associate of Ebenezer Scrooge, was dead and now all eyes turned to his living partner. Though the story begins in the darkness of Scrooge’s heart, by t...  Read More
Read the Bible with Us in 2022
by Benjamin Purves on December 29th, 2021
For the sake of your joy, we invite you to join with your brothers and sisters and feast on the Word of God together. God invites us to delight endlessly in his Word of Life (Ps 119:16), to meditate on his Word day and night (Ps 1:2), and to build our lives upon it (Matt 7:24-27). How will you saturate your heart with Scripture? As you pick a Bible reading plan, we encourage you to find a time and...  Read More
Kill the Dragon, Get the Girl: A Short Introduction to the Bible
by David Schrock on December 10th, 2021
I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring;he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.— Genesis 3:15 —In one sentence, can you give the message of the Bible? A few years ago, Dane Ortlund asked this question and received answers from a host of pastors and scholars, but one answer stood out from the rest and has taken on a life of its own...  Read More
The Most Exciting Book You’ve (N)ever Read: Twenty Lessons on Leviticus
by David Schrock on November 19th, 2021
The Most Exciting Book You’ve (N)ever Read.That’s how I framed the book of Leviticus when I invited members of our church to study it last January. And this week, by God’s grace, we finished going through the book. Admittedly, our study could have done more. But for 20 weeks (Spring and Fall), those who were at first skeptical of Leviticus kept coming back to the see the good news proclaimed in Mo...  Read More
The Lamb of God
by David Schrock on September 24th, 2021
I once heard it said that the Passover instructions found in Exodus 12 are like planning a family reunion as your house burns down. Imagine the oddity—the absolute insanity!—of setting your children down at the kitchen table as flames engulf your house and telling them, “Get out your notebooks. I have a few things to say. At this time next year, we are going to gather our family to remember this e...  Read More
The Substitute
by David Schrock on September 17th, 2021
God said what? He told his servant Abraham to go and sacrifice his son, only son, Isaac, the one whom he loved. And did he? Is that what God requires? Why would God do that? And why would Abraham obey?If the conversation about Genesis 22 is challenging, imagine how difficult the conversation between father and son was between aged Abraham and Isaac, his teenage son. As they walked for three days t...  Read More
We Believe
by Benjamin Purves on September 17th, 2021
Statements of Faith are important for the life of a local church. Doctrinal statements serve to guard the truth of Scripture and guide the teaching of the local church, and they are useful for discipling the church in the doctrines of the Bible.  Read More
It is Finished: Beholding the Cross of Christ From All of Scripture
by David Schrock on September 9th, 2021
. . . it is vital to understand what Christ did on the cross and what it means when Christ said on the cross, “It is finished” (John 19:30). To that end our church is beginning a sermon series this Sunday which will look at the cross and all the ways that John shows Christ’s death as fulfilling Scripture.   Read More
The House that Wisdom Built (Proverbs 8:1-36)
by David Schrock on August 27th, 2021
Wisdom rises or falls in relationship to God. As we have seen throughout Proverbs 1–9, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. And any attempt to live without God will result in folly and futility. Even the smartest, the strongest, and most skilled are only building on sand when they deny or ignore their all-wise Creator.  Read More
An Invitation to Serve with Joy
by Family Ministry on August 19th, 2021
Will join our Family Ministry team as we love and serve our church family?Children are a wonderful gift from the Lord (Ps 127-128), and we are thankful for how God has blessed our church family with many little ones. With this also comes the need for many helping hands in our classrooms. As Jeff Dionise reminded us in his sermon on Proverbs 4, our theme for the year is "Walking in Truth." One way ...  Read More