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Women's Ministry Service Opportunities

Womens Service


New Mommy Gifts

The Women's Ministry is excited to announce New Mommy Gifts! This ministry affords us the opportunity to love one another at OBC as well as be intentional in reaching out to our community.

Who is it for?
A New Mommy Gift is for the mother of any newborn baby - whether it is her first child or her tenth! A recipient of the gift is not limited to a woman from our church or even to a Christian woman. Think of your neighbors, friends or co-workers!

What is it?
A gift bag that is lovingly put together with an applicable gospel-centered book, a sweet treat, a handmade card, information about our Mamas & Munchkins ministry and contact information for some women from OBC who would love to minister to a new mommy.

The purpose of this ministry is to joyfully celebrate the birth of a baby and encourage new mommies!

How can YOU help?
Contact the Church Office to request a New Mommy Gift. The coordinator will prepare the gift and either deliver it herself or give it to you to deliver to the recipient.

In-Home Meals

Meals are an easy way to bless someone! When a person or family is experiencing a loss, illness, hardship, or the arrival of a new baby, receiving a meal can mean so much. This ministry is made up of volunteers who are willing to cook (or order take-out) and deliver meals to those who need them.

  • Help us by submitting a need If you've experienced the birth of a baby, a death in the family, a serious health issue, a job loss, or anything similar, please let us know! Often times people don't recognize when they might benefit from receiving meals, so we encourgae you to contact the church office on their behalf.  We'll take it from there!
  • Volunteer a meal By becoming a volunteer, you are not locking into a strict commitment. When a need arises, you will be notified by email.  The meal coordinator will provide a schedule that allows you to select a day based on your availability.

Submit a need or volunteer!