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Spiritual Care Ministry

Spiritual care is a vital part of Occoquan Bible Church!  The Bible tells us that as members of the local body of Christ, we are interconnected, and God has placed each of us in this body in order to work together to accomplish the church’s goals.

Growth and Care

Our Summer Leadership Training equips men and women in church ministry and leadership.  Our summer series contains two training modules; Biblical Eldership Module and Theological Module.  

For spiritual growth and emotional healing, often times folks are referred to Occoquan Counseling Center, a program of Biblical transformation. Counselors combine effective counseling strategies with Biblical truth.  The purpose of the Occoquan Counseling Center is to help hurting people grow in every dimension of their lives by providing practical, Biblical, Christ-centered counseling.  The Occoquan Counseling Center was established by and is supported by Occoquan Bible Church.  

To inquire about counseling, please email Rod Fillinger at