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Archives for July 2018

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How Do I Feed On God’s Word?


Yesterday, I wrote on the importance of feeding on the Word. Today, let me add another reflection on that themenamely, what it looks like to actually feed on the Word of God. Certainly, if God calls us to live upon every Word that proceeds from his mouth (Matthew 4:4), it should not surprise us that he is not silent on what it looks like to feed on his word. Just as the h...

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Blessed are the Pure in Heart, For They Will See God (Matthew 5:27


Sexual sin. It is a destructive issue we face more often than we like to admit. Whether it is lust, pornography, adultery, same-sex attraction, or any number of other desires that deviate from God's good design, we are inclined to bury these parts of our lives in the dark. Yet, in Sermon on the Mount, Jesus wisely and lovingly shines a light on our hearts. Getting to the ...

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“Disciples Make Disciples”: A Vital Truth That Needs Further Elaboration


"Disciples make disciples" It's an axiom that is thrown around by Christians who rightly make "making disciples" a priority for genuine discipleship. But is it really true? Do disciples make disciples? Or is there more to the story? Based on the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19, we might think that Jesus words give definitive answer: Yes, disciples make disciples. Yet,...

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Razing Cain: How Christ Crucifies a Heart of Anger (Matthew 5:21


This Sunday we looked at Matthew 5:2126, where we saw the first of six lessons Jesus gives us about the law of Moses applied to his new covenant disciples. Interpreting the sixth commandment, "Do not murder" (Exod 20:13; Deut 5:17), Jesus stressed the importance of making peace with those whom we have sinned against. In Sunday's sermon, we looked briefly at how Jesus appl...

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